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Adult Worker Ant
Posts: 98
(11/13/01 11:48:34 am)
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preventing ants from escape with fluon.
it came just today.
finally i have manage to get hold of it, after a long search.
what the hell am i talking about?
FLUON is great. what is fluon?
fluoropolymer dispersion or FLUON GP1.
as suggested by Hölldobler and Wilson in the ants,
fluon is best to prevent ants from escaping.
its really cool. fluon is liquid. you simply apply it with a brush to the walls of the container. it dries very quickly and what remains is a solid white patina. the surface is so slippy that no ant can pass. fluon is water soluable not oil-based. if the container is dry it lasts very long but you can simply rub it away with a cloth.
i am very happy that i have it finally because talc or oil are not so good or long lasting.
but it is not cheap 1kg costs 42 Euro. but i have tested it today and you do not need much of it. i was astonished how good it worked. first i thought it is only good for large ants but thats not true!

so where to get it?
i have ordered it from whitford.
you have to phone or write an e-mail and explain that you want some fluon GP1. you can pay by bill/check.
i have not found fluon on the webpage :( but you will find the e-mail addresses there at:


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Doc. Jr.
Posts: 257
(11/13/01 12:06:02 pm)
preventing ants from escape with fluon.
I agree- fluon is great stuff, and easily the best way to keep ants from escaping. We use it for our lab colonies, and we've never had problems.


Adult Worker Ant
Posts: 99
(11/13/01 12:28:29 pm)
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Re: preventing ants from escape with fluon.
i am so happy :rolleyes
he, he, he ....


Dr Ant
Posts: 570
(11/13/01 5:22:38 pm)
Re: preventing ants from escape with fluon.
Some useful things to know about Fluon:

1) Its slipperiness declines over several months in warm, humid conditions, such as during summer in many places, or in tropical climates. In dry conditions, it may last over a year.

2) Some arboreal ants can climb over it.

3) Unused Fluon should be agitated, either shaken gently with a circular motion, or merely turned upside down two or three times, about once every ten days or two weeks. Otherwise, the polymer will settle out of suspension and become useless.

4) If you are a smoker, be sure NEVER to inhale combusted Fluon, such as might rub off on a cigarette. This can result in severe flu-like symptoms, known as "polymer fever". Wash it off your skin very thoroughly after use.

Adult Worker Ant
Posts: 100
(11/13/01 5:38:17 pm)
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Re: preventing ants from escape with fluon.
thanks dr.ant.
very usefull information. :smokin


Borg Ant (Your Overlord)
Posts: 2308
(11/13/01 5:47:33 pm)
Community Supporter

Moved thread...
I moved the thread to the reference forum since it was informative. :)

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Strong Worker Ant
Posts: 101
(11/14/01 9:56:45 am)
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"polymer fever"
dr.ant: thanks for the information about "polymer fever" otherwise i would have thought that i was ill.

yes, your message unfortunately came too late.
i smoke a lot and some fluon must have got on the cigarette.
i had really cold, headache, rheumatic pains. i had to wear a lot of clothes and blankets when i went to sleep.
i had to shiver for about an hour after i went to bed.
but today i am fine again.

i have to pay a lot of attention wen handling fluon.


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