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The Ant Farm's Message Board Image Host  v. 1.5
You can add your own html code or banners and links to the pages with your images!
So you can make a link from your web-page and surfers can browse only the images of a defined query.
If this sounds too strange just E-mail me for questions and HTML-code to add.
This feature is only available if you email me. i will do the updates you tell me.
There are 3 different places where the HTML-code will be placed.
The First is connected to your User name and is good to place the banner of your page.
The Second is connected with the location keyword. it is designed to give a description of the location
The Third and last is placed at the bottom of the page. you can place a "back link" there.
to use the feature you will have to add &men=1&lotml=1&no_farm=1 to the browse link.
You can use this only with your own images!
Here you can see how it works: "user name"&"noEzcode"&"location keyword"&user html"&"location html"
on the page you can see that you can add links with specified queries. so you can see for example all myrmica images of this anting trip.

Other Examples:
Urban Anting in Zurich Zoologisches Institut Schweiz

My Lasius niger Images

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