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kuene`s ant links
antdude´s ant farm
the page with the best messageboard and the best administrator!
best source for information about ants. read the FAQ!
you can find very interesting things there.
sonoran desert ants ARMYANTS.ORG
Genera, Keys, Maps, Methods, Terminology, Photo Index.

Please subscribe to the excellent scientific Newsletter:
Notes from Underground A Myrmecological Newsletter
Any questions regarding subscription, e-mail Gordon

erik's nests
Lasius Flavus,Lasius Niger,Formica Fusca,Myrmica Rubra erik keeps them all!
Maybe the ultimate nest-construction,many pictures!

sonoran desert ants Sonoran Desert Ants
"It is my goal that some of the images on these pages will help others who are learning to identify ants, by seeing color pictures of them and hopefully getting some idea of the ants' sizes and habits."

Welcome to Casa Hormiga Casa Hormiga contains articles written by Randy Morgan.( Giant Tropical Bullet Ant, Leaf-Cutting Ants on Parade, Leaf-Cutting Ants on Parade)
there you find also:
Antics - A Living Art Installation a very nice page about an ant exibition with really cool artificial nests!

myem Myrm's Ant Nest
a lot of information about ants and specially british ants.

MYRMECOLOGY.ORG the scientific study of ants
a lot of information about ants and how to keep them.
Introduction, Colony Founding, Nests, Foraging, Observation, Artificial Nests, Ant Structure
good source for ant related information. VERY GOOD step by step instructions about how to keep ants!
several MESSAGEBOARDS are available.
Ant FAQ, Ant Farms,Build: Claustral Cell Plaster Wood, Cameras, Community, Journal

scientific site with many inforamtions usefull for researchers and students.
databases - search engine for images, references, inventories and data - the systematics of social wasps and ants - ant literature databases - red lists
The Ant Colony Cycle
allowing to surf through the entire life cycle of an ant colony.

John T. Longino
Specializing in Neotropical Myrmecology

Costa Rican Ant Identification Resources

information on how to keep insects as pets.
there is an Ant Section .
behavior, care, FAQ, ant farms, lifecycle, classification, articles, pests
florida center for library automation
with the search engine you can find scientific articles for example about ants.
informations about Pharaoh Ant
A Morphological Tour of the Super Organism
very good article and intoduction about acorn ants by Jay Copeland

everything about australian ants
also useful for non australians. information about ant colony life, founding and other stuff.
-Ant Behavior by Kip Siemens
-more ant behavior
mailing list not many postings
Ants at Work :
How an Insect Society Is Organized
Deborah M. Gordon ISBN: 0684857332 256 pages
a very good book! i love it.
Gordon, professor of biological sciences at Stanford University describes in her book how ants really work. it is a very readable book. also for beginners.
readers approaching her book will find that they learn a lot about ants in the process--and also a lot about how field scientists get things done themselves!
The Ants Bert Holldobler, Edward Osborne Wilson ISBN: 0674040759 Hardcover - 732 pages
the ant bible!!
this is the definitive scientific study of one of the most diverse animal groups on earth, pretty well everything that is known about ants is in this massive work.

deutsche links

Joachim bietet viele vielfältige informationen über ameisen.
beste deutschsprachige ameisenseite!
das aktivste deutschsprachige FORUM
zusammengelegtes forum von Antstore und bug-brother.

bietet viele informationen über ameisen und haltung.
ausserdem kann man dort auch alles kaufen was man braucht.
Sehr wichtig wenn du in Deutschland lebst.
Evolution, Verhaltensökologie und Genetik sozialer Insekten
von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heinze

schularbeit zum thema ameisen
gute page, vielfältige inhalte.
Ameisen beobachten, bestimmen Bernhard Seifert, Naturbuch Verlag, ISBN 3-89440-170-2 ca 350 Seiten. sehr viele farbfotos von praktisch jeder in mitteleuropa lebenden art (sehr gute auswahl). bestimmungsschlüssel und sehr informativer allgemeiner teil. jede art wir ausführlich vorgestellt. teilweise etwas viele fachbegriffe, welche jedoch im schlussteil erklärt sind. ein muss für eine/n mitteleuropaeischen ameisen liebhaber/in
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