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The Source Code of ImgAnt is very Messy. But if you really want it, the Source is Free, Open and Available.
This CGI Scripts are written in Perl and use a Mysql Database, ImageMagick and several Bash Commands. It Works only on Linux with Bash Shell.
Just Email Me to obtain the Perl Scripts.

2/1/2004 ImageHost V. 1.5.1 Back Button. Show only 100 pages.
11/11/2003 ImageHost V. 1.5.1 Fixed some minor bugs.
9/3/2002 ImageHost V. 1.5.1 Special HTML-Features Special
8/11/2002 ImageHost V. 1.5 News Channel RDF file. Removed some minor bugs.
8/6/2002 ImageHost V. 1.5 Added list of Countries. Browse by Country. Submit and Browse Position(Altitude,Longitude,Latitude) Added a Search function on comment and filenames. User preferences. Edit simplifications (example:use same settings as last edited) Added Administrator backup Script .. Private categories optimized.
7/14/2002 ImageHost V. 1.3 Added Administrator Script to delete banned Users and Images.
6/20/2002 ImageHost V. 1.3 You can make Combined Queries now. Better Placement of the Number Links. Made a fancy Imgant Logo. Cleaned Up the Code.
4/9/2002 ImageHost V. 1.2 2 More Categories. wild preseved specimen
4/7/2002 ImageHost V. 1.15 Categories work now. keeping misc fun
4/1/2002 ImageHost V. 1.1 Give Genus Name of the ant on the Picture. Complete Genus list. Each photo has the Genus, Subfamily and Tribe.
3/28/2002 ImageHost V. 1.0 Added total Images. Browse Images by Page. Show Username when Logged in. Cleared up the code.
3/20/2002 ImageHost V.0.9 I have added a User Management. Now users have to Login once then they can upload and delete images And edit the comments without login. It works without Cookies or ip tracking. I just hand over the information from page to page.
3/5/2002 ImageHost V.0.7 History File: Added THIS FILE Removed bugs with Netscape an JavaScript bugs. Upload again without login.
3/4/2002 ImageHost V.0.7 Edit Function and more...... New Users have to give an email adress. You can copy paste the Ezcode for a linked thumbnail now. The "browse by user function" is now in a Pulldown menu. Only users that have uploaded images are shown. Edit Function added! Each User can Edit the Comment of his own Images. Each User can Delete his/her Images.
1/9/2002 ImageHost V.0.5 New Order: If you Browse all Images now the Order is new. The last uploaded image is the first one. I have added a new feature you can Browse the Images by Username now.
12/11/2001 ImageHost V.0.4.1 Show File Size of the original Image. Print the Ezcode for the original Image only if it is smaller then 30KB
12/10/2001 ImageHost V.0.4 Thumbnails are available now! Updated browse function and thumbnails are available now. The software uses ImageMagick to make a thumbnail of each uploaded image. The "Browse Images" feature shows the thumbnail linked with the original images. The original Images open in a New full-featured Browser Window. Removed bugs with Netscape
12/1/2001 ImageHost V.0.3.1 Added User Agreement, removed several bugs The Image Host is ready! Please use it :)
11/23/2001 ImageHost V.0.3 Beta Beta Version: Beta version is ready for a try. Login, Name and Password Image Upload, simple Browse all Funktion. Simple Mysql Database.
11/18/2001 ImageHost V.0.0 Decision made: I will be The Image Host of The Ant Farm's Message Board. :)