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Kuene Small Animals

Kurt Kuene Antpage

The Man in the Basement
The Man in the Basement

Happy Chat

Wrist Camera

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Pic of Me
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The Black Garden Ant Lasius nigerBlack Garden Ant Lasius niger worker with eggs The Kurt Kuene Ant Page
See how I keep my Ants!

Storytool: The new Science Fiction Universe and Saga. Story Tool
One of my project is related to Artificial Storytelling.
I make a storytelling software that generates just one story based on the users feelings!

Only in German so far :(

Video Capture of The Man in the Basement The Man in the Basement
See the movie about the man who lived in my basement.
Quite unbelivable but see him with your eyes and listen to the song!

WIPKING Recording Studio Zurich WIPKING Recording Studio Zurich
Here is where Kurt Kuene produces his songs!

shit in my head (You're like) shit in my head
Finally two great musicians work together!
bit-tuner and kurt kuene made a great song!

nun te ne ji Nun te ne ji
Kurt Kuene has written, produced and performed an Napoletan love song!

krieg Krieg
Kurt Kuene has written, produced and performed an song about civil war in Switzerland!

kuenes auto garden Kuene's Auto Garden
A modular system that allows a lasting green terrace garden without artificial irrigation.
The main goal is to maximize biodiversity.

Wrist Cam Pictures My pictures
Browse the Pictures from my Wristcamera.

Kuene and Bit-Tuner at the Opeth concert in the Remise Wil. Opeth Concert
Me an Bit-Tuner at a Heavy Metal Concert.
Opeth is really cool!
Download the Movies!

Some Studies of Krung and Kuene Studies and Projects
Projects and studies from me and krung.
See what we do to become more intelligent!

Puppet Master Puppet Master
Have Influence ;)

Ultitool Banner Research Tool
Searching the web.

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