Setup 2003
constructions This years changes
Not much has changed this year.
Basically the setup is the same as last year.
but there are also som interesting changes.

The lasius niger colonies have a foraging area with a little pond and plants.

There is also planty of sand for the ant to play with.
I have put some sand between two glass plates for the ants to dig.
Lasius Niger is able to make bewildering constructions.

lasius niger arealasius niger constructionsConstructions
The constructions are not very stable somtimes they crumble.
But this keeps the ants busy.

On the right image you can see how the ants envelope a brige in sand. They construct a tunnel upon the brige.
As long as the sand is moist the construction ist more ore less solid.

The fragile construction is perforated by a lot of tunnels. The arcs are also responsible for stability.

Images of my Lasius Niger
Many images of my Lasius Niger.
construction on the side

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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