Secure Seal
Lock the Ants In
Ants, and specially lasius niger are very good in escaping!

hot glueplug
Metal Gauze
So if I close the plastic tubes or want to make an air supply I use metal gauze to do the job.

I have used other gauze in the past.
Plastic or cloth will not hold the lasius niger in the long run. Slowly but steadily they will bite through the gauze and escape.
You will never now when this does happen!
So I use only metal gauze.
I buy It in a hemp shop. (yes here in switzerland there are things like this.)
The gauze is very fine, it is made for water pipes.

I first cut out a round piece of gauze.
Then I put some Hot Glue on a short plastic tube and I press the gauze peace on it.

metal gauze -- gaze

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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