Setup 2004
its me!
Me and my setup. I look quite happy with it and I hope the ants do the same :)
scematic lasius niger setup viewSetup Diagram
On this setup diagram you can see how the areas of the two Lasius Niger Colonies are spitted.

view of the setupPanorama Image
This is a large panorama image.
It displays the whole setup and it gives a good an overview.

panoram very large
Even Larger. Wow, that's huge.
I conactenated the images with The Gimp.
Click on the image above to see a huge view of the setup!

Me and my Animals have moved.
We have moved to a new home.
So I made and I am still makeing a new setup suitable for my Lasius Niger.

Old an new elements
The plaster nests are still the same as last year.

There are two new foraging areas for each colonie.
Long plastic tubes connect the different sites. with each other.

Lasius Niger colonies need a lot of space.
I have two of them. On the pictures you can see how they are kept.
(click on the images to enlarge)

Obviously the two Colonies are strictly separated.

main plaster nests and two foraging areas of my lasius niger
new areas for my lasius niger one has a water foraging areas with water ponds Water and Sand
There are water ponds with sand banks.

The ants can build constructions and have always plenty of water.

Images of my Lasius Niger
Many images of my Lasius Niger.

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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