Water and Sand
Description of the Manifacturig of a small Water Pool containing some Sand
Like this the ants will have a reliable source of water and the sand should meet Lasius Niger's drive to dig and construct.

To Drill a Hole through Glass
First I drill a hole trough the bottom of a preserving jar.
The jar will be filled with water and the hole will make sure the sand becomes wet.

You need a special drill bit which you can find in a do-it-yourself store or hardware shop.
You have to be very prudent and careful because the glass can break easy.
I recommend to wear a dust respirator in order do avoid the inhalation of glass dust.

Finally the hole will be plugged with plastic gauze to avoid the sand from floating out.
overview -- ueberblick
drill al hole in glass -- glasbohrendetail drill al hole in glass -- glasbohren mask -- staubmaskehole with gauze -- loch mit gaze
Wooden Scaffold
The prepared preserving jar is placed in a glass dish which is situate on a wooden stool.

Then everything is put in a foraging area.

plants in the ponds -- pflanzen im kleinen teich
wooden framework -- holzgerüstwooden framework -- holzgerüstPlanting, Water and Animals
The water should derive a clean and unpolluted pond. Because it contains a variety of oranisms which will keep the water balanced.

Important are Water Fleas and other crustaceans.
If you have the opportunity to find Aquatic Sowbugs (Isopoda) you should intoduce them because they eat detritus. In europe you can find two kind of them: Asellus Cavaticus und Asellus Aquaticus. However A. Aquaticus is more appropriate.
Very important are water sneals (Lymnaeidae,Planorbidae, Viviparidae) and small mussels (Sphaeriidae).
Also adequate are several kinds of worms like
Turbellaria and Nematomorpha.
Maybe you will know some Nematomorpha if you have an aquarium. Tubifex sp is very good fish food.

As plants several waterplants will do but most important is the common duckweed because the ants can walk on them.

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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