Building a fountain with floating water
I have made a fountain for my Lasius niger. It gives the ants a large surface to explore, sand to play with an last but not least a reliable drinking water supply.

Water will drop down from a container on the top over three platforms into a kettle.
Controlled by a timer the water will be pumped to the upper reservoir again.

Small plastik containers are placed on the platforms. As the water flows they will be filled partially with water. They have drains for the water to flow to the lower levels.

I screw an aluminum bar on a plastic container.
The container and the bar form a right angle. Imagine an "L".

In a ninety degree angle I place two plexiglass plattforms on the aluminium bar.

As you can see I like using cable ties for such tasks, because they are secure but still moveable.

What more you will need: much rubber hose, metal gauze, some more small plastic containers, two water containers and a water pump that is able to handle at least 150 cm of difference in elevation.
installierter brunnen / installed fountain
zeichnung des wasserspiels / drawing of the fountain Caption

A . . . . Upper Water Reservoir
B . . . . Bottom Wasser Reservoir
C . . . . Ant Container
D . . . . Small Wodden Stool
E . . . . Aluminium Bar
F1-F3 . . Small Water Container
G1-G4 . . Outflow Tube
H1-H3 . . Outflow Protection Tube
I . . . . Water Pump Tube
J . . . . Pump
K . . . . Water Flow Regulation Clip

oberes Wasserreservoir / upper water reservoirunteres Wasserreservoir / bottom water reservoirAmeisenauslauf / Ants free range  basinSchemel / StoolAlustange / Aluminium BarWasserbehälter / Small Water ContainerAbflussschlauch / Outflow TubePump-Schlauch / Pump TubePumpe / PumpWasser-Regulationsklemme / Watter Regulation Clamp

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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