Building the framework
The aluminium bar is screwed with a angle iron on the lowerest plastik basin. To prevent the water from dripping through the screwes I plug the with silicon. The screws and nuts have to be stainless.

After that the plastic jar is fixed on a small wooden stool.

I screw angle irons on the two plexiglass plates.
Then they are fastened on the aluminium stick with cable ties. This way two other platforms are optained.
On the platforms smaller plastik containers will be placed.

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Or even bigger, I mean really big!
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brunnen /fountain
 ich baue einen brunnen / i build a fountain
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Things to consider ...
The framework must stand absolutely stable.
Because I have attached the plexiglass plates with cable ties I am still able to ajust the height. This way I can fit the nicely in the free range basin of my ants (Lasius niger).

The hollow aluminium stick should be sealed on the upper and bottom side. Otherwise the ants will install themselves in it.

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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