wassertropfen / water drops

The water flows from the upper reservoir through
the jars on the platforms and the free range basin down to the bottom reservoir. From there it will be pumped up again.
The pump will be active for one minute every four hours controlled by a time switch clock.
schale mit sand und kies / container with sand and stone grit
auslauf unten / water outflow tube

I have carefully drilled a hole trought the base of every plastik container. I use a cordless drill with metalboring drill bits. The hole must be smaller then the diameter of the rubber hose, in order to seal the hole leak-proof.
To trill big enough a hole you should start with small trill bits and gradually increase them in size. Also I often drill in reverse direction. You have to be more patient but the friction will melt a hole eventually. This way you make sure that the plastic will neither brake or tear. This can happen easily if you are not carefull.
Trough the hole a rubber hose is forced.
Now you have an drain but you have to take care the ants and dirt will not hinder the outflow of the water.

Ueberlaufschutz / Overflow Protection
Overflow Protection

Every platic pod is has its own overflow protection.
It is a rubber hose tuck trough the wall of the basin.
It is just a supplementary outflow facility to avoid inundation if the other is obturated.
klammer zur wasserversorgung / clamp for waterflow regulation
Fastened water

To regulate the water flow I use clips. I place them right under the reservoir. Then I let the water flow drop wise. I can control precisely the waterflow.

I want that each second one or two drops fall down.

Pumpe / Pump
The Pump

The pump can move water as high as 1.5 metres.
It is a small one and has to be placed directly in the water.
It pumps the water every 4 hours from the bottom reservoir to the top one.
I controle it by a timer. It is active for one minute at a time.
The pump must not run dry!
Dirt protection
Each outflow facility is protected by a metal gauze.
The metal gauze is glued with hot glue on a bigger rubber hose. This one is the plugged on the outflow rubber hose.
You have to consider the surface tension of the water. The larger the surface of the metall gauze is the better the water will flow out.
If you drill some holes on the sides of the tubes and seal them with gauze you will have a better outflow of the water.
I put a tea strainer over it in order to avoid plants and detritus to plug up the outflow facility.

metall gaze / metal gauzemetallgaze auf gimmischlauch/ metal gauze on a tubemetallgaze mit siebfilter / metal gauze and filtermetallgaze mit siebfilter / metal gauze and filter

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