Water and Sand
pond overview -- teich ueberbilckpond overview -- teich ueberbilck Buildings made of Sand
In nature Lasius Niger makes constructions with several materials.
They build a roof over often used ways.

Moist quarz sand is extraordinarily suitable because it sticks together well.
Grain by Grain
The ants take the grains of sand one by one and place them where they like.
They like to place them where other ants are putting them or where it improves the walkability.
But often the sand ist carried away again and tunnels are build under it. So slowly a little mound is emerging. It is full of tunnels and arches.
pond -- teichpond detail -- teich detail
the pond has some plants -- der teich hat pflanzenthe constructions of lasius niger are carefully crafted -- die konstruktionen  von lasius niger sind filigran
The filigree construction is stabilized by grasses and small branches.

Last years Constructions
See last years buildings.

construction detailthere are tunnels in the sand -- lasius niger baut tunnels in den sand

marking ants, ameisen markieren

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