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spacer My new Lasius Niger setup 2005
See this years setup of my lasius niger.
These ants are sometimes called black ant or garden ant. Lasius Niger is a very common ant here in switzerland. There is a similar species in the USA called Lasius Neoniger but it is not nearly as successful as Lasius Niger in Europe.
Lasius Niger is a very adaptive ant that forages also in houses. They are famous for the impressing nuptial flights. See how I keep them with many pictures.

Setup 2004    Setup 2003    Setup 2002    Setup 2001

Lasius niger Development Stages
From the egg to the fully grown insect. spacer Anting in the Field
When you go anting in the field you can learn much about ants.
I try to find out what species of ants live in my vicinity.
Many images, pictures, habitats, identifying, preserve, mount.
spacer Leptothorax Nylanderi
My Leptothorax Nylanderi (Acorn Ants) are easyer to keep then Lasius Niger
spacer Constructions
Lasius Niger are very able architects.
    Constructions 2004
    Constructions 2003
spacer Experiment
As I am interested in the behaviour of ants I have done some experiments:
    Marking Ants
How do you mark ants? what are the techniques and difficulties?
Decentral Nesting
How lasius niger controls large territories. what are outposts? what are distributed nest modules?
Territory Experiment
an other experiment concerning territory. lasius niger controls large areas.
spacer Cataglyphis
Cataglyphis at the university of zurich.
spacer webcam image
Antcam: See my Webcam!
Look how my ants and lizards move.
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My favorite ant pages.
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Travel back in time :) spacer
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My AntWiki
Here I describe some things I know or I use in connection with ants.
Ant Images mainly from:

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